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You're one step closer...to a brand new you.


Today you are one step closer to a new life where you can feel hopeful and whole again.  Dr. Ruth provides hope and help to struggling couples and overwhelmed individuals. 

As a counselor helping people mend relationships and cope with the difficulties life brings, her goal is to help you discover a positive path to new hope and healing.
While we can't undo the past, she believes that discovering new ways of thinking, communicating, and managing feelings can help you find meaningful ways to make life better going forward.

Dr. Ruth's training and experience provides her with an array of complementary approaches and techniques to use in your work together. Bringing to light certain long-held behaviors and belief patterns can also be helpful in recognizing things that may be holding you back. Her goal for working with you is to help you learn how to reach the happiness you deserve.

If you're looking for warmth and understanding together with opportunities to reflect and grow, Dr. Ruth may be just the experienced professional you're seeking.
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