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FAQ's about Grief Counseling

“Why would someone need grief counseling? Isn’t grief and loss just a part of life that people get through on their own?”

It’s true that loss and the resultant sadness is an integral part of life. But sometimes we need help to process our thoughts and feelings about our loss. Sometimes we just can’t do it on our own for various reasons. Maybe our loss was sudden and unexpected. Perhaps we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Or maybe it was the unusual and tragic loss of a child. Whatever the reason, people sometimes get stuck because they feel overwhelmed and need a professional’s help to heal.

“Is grief counseling only for people who have lost someone to death?”
Various losses can cause grief-- job loss, pet loss, divorce, financial downturn, a relationship breakup. 

"So what is grief counseling, and how does it work?”

Telling your story to someone trained to listen and help you make sense of your experience is at the top of the reasons a trained grief counselor is so beneficial. The counselor’s role is not to tell you what sense to make of your loss, but to help you decide how to put the pieces of your life back together so that you can enjoy life again.

“My spouse died a year ago, and my friends tell me that I’ve grieved long enough. How long is it normal to grieve?”
Even though there are many universal aspects of grief, each person’s experience is unique because each person’s relationship with their loved one is unique. Each person has his or her own individual experience, which should not be compared to anyone else's.
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